What are the Payment Options?

The following are different Payment Methods


  • Cash On Delivery (COD) means you will be waiting at home for the delivery to give the payment personally.
  • Sagawa charges JpY350 COD fee upon delivery for accepting payment.
  • If you are not home at the time of delivery, your order will be returned to the Sagawa branch nearest you. You may contact us immediately to reschedule delivery before your order is sent back to our main office.
  • Please clearly indicate in the Notes field if you are going to wait at home for the delivery or you want your order to be left at the front door if you will not be home.


You carton order comes with a Konbini Slip stating the amount you need to pay once you request for pick up. All you need to do is take the slip to any convenient store near you to make the payment.


  • Customers can pay using debit/credit card directy when filling out the order form or picku prequest form.
  • Payments can also be made at Online Payment.


* You may send your payment through Furikomi (over the counter) at any Post Office branches in Japan using the following account details.

JP Post Bank

Account Name: Ebueng Chely Echaluse
Account Number: 10290-317-28891
Branch Code (Shiten): 028


Account Name: iCrescini Ventures OPC
Account No.: 005130355661
[Bank Transfer (Ginko Furikomi)]

* For Furikomi payment, we have to wait until your payment is posted before we schedule the delivery of your boxes. You can email us an image of the receipt to info@kenshinhako.com as confirmation of your payment. You may also send the receipt to https://fb.com/KenshinHako.

* Once your payment is confirmed, delivery of your order will be scheduled the following day given that you reported your payment before 3:00PM.

* If payment is reported after 3:00PM, delivery of your order will be scheduled on the second day.

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What is Kenshin Hako's Payment Policy?


* Payment must be made before the scheduled shipment every Tuesday to avoid late payment fee of JpY300.00. It is your responsibility to report your payment by informing us or sending an image of the receipt to any available mode of communication including Facebook, Webchat, or Email.

* If payment is not made, or, you failed to report your payment before the scheduled shipment, your box may be removed from the shipment and will have to wait for the next shipment schedule.

* Please avoid including Banned Items in your box to avoid any delay or inconvenience at the Customs.

* This policy is being imposed to ensure that when shipment arrives in Manila, delivery can immediately begin without delay. This is to uphold our guarantee to our customers that delivery will be seamless and continuous therefore maintaining our promise of fast, efficient, and reliable service.

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How to report a payment?

A: For payments made at JP Post Bank, take a picture of the receipt and send it via Facebook Messenger, simply look for @KenshinHako in Messenger's search field, or go to https://m.me/kenshinhako. Please include sender's complete name or tracking no.

B: You can also report your payment by sending an email to info@kenshinhako.com together with the photo of your receipt and your complete name or tracking no.

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What are the things I need to know before requesting pick-up?

For complete instructions, CLICK HERE

Ensure that the following instructions are followed.

* Completely fill out the packing list.

* Make sure that the sender and consignee’s information are legibly written complete with name, address, and contact number.

* Declare all items in the box as much as possible with estimated price value whether new or old. This is to properly declare the valuation of your package in case of claims due to inevitable circumstances.

* Avoid including Banned Items in your package.

* Attach one copy of packing list on the box together with the “dempio” (receipt) if COD.

* Call to schedule pick up at least two days before cut-off. Ship sails every Tuesday, pick-up cut-off is every Thursday of the prior week. All packages that arrive at Japan warehouse on Thursday have 100% guarantee to be included in the shipment on Friday. Packages that arrive on Friday have 50% chance of being included. It is advisable to call for pick-up always ahead of time to ensure no delay of your package.

For complete instructions, CLICK HERE

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When do you pick up in my area?

What items are not allowed in a Balikbayan Box?

It is not advisable to include any of the items listed below in your package to avoid being penalized for any inconvenience this may cause especially if it causes delay of the entire shipment due to custom’s inspection procedure.

  • Pet/Animal food (dog food, cat food, chicken feeds, etc.)
  • Products containing dog or cat fur, as well as animal hide
  • Alcohol/alcoholic drinks/Tobacco products
  • Drug paraphernalia (unless prescribed for medical conditions)
  • Ceramic tableware
  • Cultural artifacts and pottery
  • Defense articles or items with military or proliferation applications
  • Pornographic materials (pictures, CD, DVD, VHS, cassette tapes, laser discs - 25 pcs. limit)
  • Plant seeds, Fetilizer, Soil
  • Perishable goods such as Rice, Cheese, Meat, fruits and vegetables (unless canned)
  • Fire extinguisher, lighter, and gasoline operated machines
  • Automobile/motorcycle, parts or whole
  • Toy guns and other toys that promote violence.
  • Collector items with historical, geographical, and paleontological value.
  • Firearms, Gas bomb, batteries, charger, explosives (including parts) and other Harmful materials
  • Toxic chemicals Flammable materials
  • Medicines, vitamins, or any forms of health supplements.
  • Paint, oil, lubricants
  • Liquid substances such as shampoo, handwash, body soap, etc. (may be allowed but not covered by insurance if resulted in damage. Sender will be liable if other boxes are affected.)
  • Computers - Laptop (1) Desktop (1) Console- maximum of 5
  • Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc., are allowed but not covered by insurance.
  • Breakable and Fragile items such as glass, ceramics, electronic appliances, etc., are allowed but not covered by insurance.
  • Welding machine
  • Grass cutter
  • Samurai/Katana
  • Water pump
  • Air compressor (any kind)
  • Fireworks
  • Slot machine
  • Generator
  • Commercial items exceeding personal use

According to BOC Rule, a good rule of thumb is not more than 20 items of EACH KIND for consumable goods and not more than 5 items of EACH KIND for non-cosumable goods. You cannot send items which are in commercial quantities, or send merchandize items or those which are prohibited or restricted.

What are the additional provincial charges?

Basic rates of Balikbayan Boxes to Manila are as follows:

Jumbo Box ¥11,000
Regular Box ¥7,800
Twin Box ¥11,500

The above rates are subject to Provincial Charges as enumerated below.

Please see REGIONS OF THE PHILIPPINES to find out your corresponding provincial charge.

Manila マニラ ¥-
Bulacan ブラカン ¥500.00
Cavite カビテ ¥500.00
Rizal リサール ¥500.00
Pampanga パンパンガ ¥1,000.00
Laguna ラグナ ¥1,000.00
Bataan バターン ¥1,500.00
Tarlac タルラック ¥1,500.00
Nueva Ecija ヌエバエシハ ¥1,500.00
Pangasinan パンガシナン ¥1,500.00
Batangas バタンガス ¥1,500.00
Zambales サンバレス ¥1,500.00
Other Luzon その他のルソン ¥1,800.00
Aurora Province オーロラ省 ¥3,000.00
Mountain Province マウンテン州 ¥3,000.00
Mindoro ミンドロ島 ¥3,000.00
Marinduque マリンドゥケ ¥3,000.00
Romblon ロンブロン ¥3,000.00
Palawan パラワン ¥3,000.00
Biliran ビリラン ¥3,000.00
Leyte レイテ ¥3,000.00
Masbate マスバテ ¥3,000.00
Catanduanes カタンドゥアネス ¥3,000.00
Visayas ビサヤ ¥2,000.00
Mindanao ミンダナオ ¥2,500.00

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What day do you ship the Balikbayan Boxes?

Shipment is every Tuesday, your box must be received at the warehouse on or before Thursday to be included in the Tuesday shipment.

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How many days will it take for the box to be received in the Philippines?

Delivery time frame from date of shipment from Japan.

3-4 weeks to Metro Manila areas.
3-4 weeks to other Luzon areas
4-5 weeks to Visayas and Mindanao
5-6 weeks to select remote areas.
5-6 weeks to following areas.

  • Butuan
  • Misamis
  • Cagayan De Oro
  • Zamboanga
  • Dipolog
  • Bohol

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Additional Reminders

For complete instructions, CLICK HERE.

1. Deposit is to be paid upon delivery of carton.

2. Pick Up schedule depends on your prefecture. See Pickup Schedule.

3. Please inform if you are going to wait at home or you will leave the box outside the door.

4. Please see the list of Banned Items and Limitations.

5. For pick-up request, please fill-out the form at www.kenshinhako.com/pickup

6. It is not necessary to attach the Sagawa pink dempio on the box.

7. The packing list must be filled-out completely.

8. It is important to attach one packing list on each box.

9. Ensure that the box is not bulged or deformed to avoid additional charges.

10. Boxes must be ready for pick-up upon scheduling.

11. Changes to pick-up request must be advised before 5pm the day before the scheduled pick-up.

For complete instructions, CLICK HERE.

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